Facial Resizing Care at Yakson House : Final Thoughts


It started like this:

It was our semestral break and I have nothing to do. I was browsing the internet when a post in my Facebook feed appeared – Yakson House Makati is looking for a new Beauty Editor. I knew about Yakson some time ago during an expo (or something similar). I knew they were popular in Korea as they offer a unique service – the Golki Therapy.

Now, being the spur-of-the-moment decision-maker that I am, I decided to submit my application. “What’s there to lose?” I asked myself. All I need to do was to blog about my experience and share my thoughts so I thought it was a win-win deal. Of all the spontaneous decisions I made, applying for Yakson House was one of the most notable.

That day was still clear and vivid in my memory and now I can’t believe that I reached my 10th and final session. The procedures done to me during my first visit were repeated (thus explains my nostalgic feeling as my last therapy started). The difference is that, all these were for my final documentation and the after-results.

Facial Cleansing


Although I was not wearing makeup, Ms. Joana gently cleansed my face to prepare me for taking the “After” photos.

Photo Documentation


In order to compare and see the difference, my “After” photo was taken by Ms. Kim. I could tell you that based on the pictures, I really noticed that my face became smaller. My forehead became less prominent and my nose became more defined.

Abdominal and Shoulder Massage


I was always looking forward to receiving the abdominal massage because it really helped improve my digestion.

Meanwhile, I had a long week and I was thankful for this shoulder massage as it loosened the stiff muscles in that area.

Golki Therapy


MY LAST GOLKI THERAPY. If you are reading my previous posts, you would notice that the “pain level’ of this procedure varies. There are times that Ms. Kim increases the pressure but it is still tolerable. The back/abdominal and shoulder massage helped me relax before receiving this main treatment.

Gypsum Mask


Another basis for the before and after comparison is the Gypsum Mask. It is like a normal face mask, only that it hardens on the face after a few minutes.

Hot and Cold Stones


To cap off my Facial Resizing Program at Yakson House Makati. Ms. Kim opted to give me a Hot and Cold Stone Therapy. The firming and lifting effect of this beauty care helped ensure that my skin was properly taken care of.

Hey, Renee Says:

Overall, I had an amazing experience at Yakson House Makati. Every session was something to look forward to and the relaxation I get whenever I visit this place is unparalleled.


The results of my program were gradual. Every week, I could see the difference and right now, even my friends notice that my face became smaller.

I hope to come back to Yakson House soon to try out their other services! 😀


Thank you so much for this opportunity!

If you want to know more about Yakson House you may visit them personally at:

G4 Perla Mansion 117 Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village, Makati

Or give them a call through these numbers:

(02)892-9441 or 0905 439 3761

Access their pages through these links:

Facebook: Yakson House Makati

Facebook: Yakson House Main

Website: Yakson House Website



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